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Ardú Digital offers clients core web vital optimisation. We can help improve the overall performance of your website.

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    What is Core Web Vitals Optimisation?

    Core Web Vitals are a set of metrics from Google that help web developers understand how users experience a page. These tools were originally created for web developers but can be used by any site owner because of their detailed information on real-world experience on a web page.

    Core metrics are used to score a website: how quickly page content loads, how quickly a browser can load in conjunction with a user’s input, and how unstable the content may become as it loads.

    We help clients get the most out of their websites. We will help you get the perfect Core Web Vitals Score that you want.

    What Are the Benefits of Core Web Vitals Optimisation?

    ✓ Give Your Website More Recognition

    ✓ Improve Your Website’s Visibility

    ✓ Improve Your Rankings

    ✓ Improve The Performance of Your Website

    ✓ Improve The User Experience on Your Website

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    PageSpeed Performance

    When you have a slow website, you are going to miss out on conversions and revenue, which can have a big impact. Most users will leave your site if it doesn’t load after three seconds. You need to ensure that your website is fast enough for your customers.

    We will help you with your PageSpeed issues and bring that speed back to your website.



    Largest Contentful Paint is a metric used to measure the amount of time it takes a website to show the users the largest content on the screen.



    First Input Delay is the time a user first interacts with your website. For example, click a link to the time the browser responds to that interaction.


    Visual Icon

    Cumulative Layout Shift is calculated as a measure of a website’s inability. It determines whether a website behaves as the user expects it to.

    Core Web Vitals Optimisation FAQs

    Does Core Web Vitals affect SEO?

    Core Web Vitals is essential for SEO. It can help your website more recognition online. It can also help keep your website clean and organised. Core Web Vitals can improve the visibility of your website in the search rankings and give your users an issue-free experience.

    How do you improve CLS Core Web Vitals?

    One simple way you can improve your Core Web Vitals and prevent CLS is by adding height and width for images in the CSS. The browser will then reserve space for that image and then typically appear later than the text.

    Does Core Web Vitals affect ranking?

    Google has stated that Core Web Vitals is a factor in ranking. Google also offers valuable information on how to improve various aspects.

    How do you improve LCP?

    To improve LCP, you should defer any non-critical JavaScript and CSS to speed up the loading time of the main content of your web page. You should also minify CSS and JavaScript to reduce blocking time. If you use WordPress, there are plugins to help with these tasks.

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