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Ardú Digital offers Digital PR & outreach to our clients. Digital PR is a promotion tactic that we use to increase a brand presence online.

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    What is Digital PR & Outreach?

    Digital PR & Outreach is where we use multiple tactics to enhance a client’s reputation and increase brand awareness. The main goal may be to increase sales. Tasks may include reaching out to publications, and influencers, getting links from websites and more.

    What Are the Benefits of SEO Competitor Research?

    ✓ Increase Organic Traffic

    ✓ Increase Sales

    ✓ Increase Brand Awareness

    ✓ Increase Credibility

    ✓ Increase Visibility

    ✓ Convert Leads

    Digital PR & Outreach FAQs

    What is the purpose of Digital PR?

    Digital PR aims to promote what your brand stands for, what is unique, and what is new and exciting. The main aims are to increase traffic and awareness. It is usually more focused on making conversions.

    How can Digital PR help build a brand?

    Digital PR is the process of getting backlinks and references from high authority domains. The more references you gain, the more search engines will see you as an authority figure in your industry. The brand will then rank higher on the search engine results pages. It will lead to more brand recognition.

    What are the differences between Digital PR and Traditional PR?

    Traditional PR is targeting offline areas such as printed publications, radio and general press. Digital PR is aimed at using digital channels such as social media, influencers, websites and online news.

    What is an outreach plan?

    An outreach plan describes how each of your target audiences will be reached. It also focuses on which channels you will use to communicate with each target audience.

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