SEO Audit

Evaluating the health of your site’s SEO is a great way to ensure it’s doing its job. A technical SEO audit is an essential part of this process since it can help you find and fix any problems that could be holding your website back from reaching its full potential.

Our SEO Audit Service

Here are some of the elements we focus on in our SEO audits:

  • Perform a technical SEO audit
  • Check for crawlability issues
  • Speed & Performance Issues
  • Content Performance Review
  • Website Structure & Internal Link Audit
  • Keyword & Topic Performance Review
  • Backlink & Authority Review
  • Traffic Analysis & Competitor Review

We’ve covered a lot in our search engine optimisation audits, but let’s take a step back and look at the big picture. The most important thing to remember about SEO is that it’s not just an isolated project or tool. It’s a process and an approach that requires constant vigilance to stay ahead of the competition and rank high on search engine result pages (SERPs).

Conducting an SEO audit gives an analysis and prioritisation strategy for your entire SEO campaign.

SEO Consultation

How Does an SEO Audit Help Your Business?

SEO audits are common for businesses struggling with their SEO and want a review of their current performance. An SEO audit can help your business if you’re having some popular issues such as:

  • Your business has not updated its SEO in years.
  • You’re struggling to attract your target audience.
  • Your organic traffic is down.
  • Your website is not ranking high under key terms.
  • Your website is dropping in the search results.

Our SEO audit can help with these issues, answer why they’re happening, and provide you with solutions to correct them. An audit is a perfect way to kick-start your SEO strategy.

What Are the Benefits of an SEO Audit?

Improving website performance
Increased satisfaction of website users
Better positioning of the website in the search engine
Content Optimisation