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    digital marketing services

    Digital Marketing Services

    Ardú Digital offer clients a range of digital marketing services. We specialise in SEO to help your website perform better online.

    • Get a higher ranking on Google
    • Get more exposure
    • Increase traffic and sales

    We also provide a Web Design service.

    Digital Marketing Services We Provide

    Check out some of the many services we offer.


    We provide a range of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) services. We aim to help you gain more traffic and sales through our SEO services.

    Web Design

    There has been a huge demand for websites in the last few years. We can set you up with a professional and modern website for your business in a speedy timeframe.


    PPC (Pay-Per-Click is a popular advertising model used by Google Ads, Paid ads and more. We can help set up, optimise and help your PPC campaigns.

    our process

    Our Process

    Ardú Digital is a Digital Marketing Agency. Although we consult on many different areas of digital marketing, our core competency is Search Engine Optimisation.

    We’ve seen paid media costs on Facebook & Google increase at rapid rates in recent months. The new privacy updates from Apple have impacted attribution and pushed more companies to diversify towards search-based marketing.

    Search engine optimisation and content marketing are more important than ever. Our SEO agency is here to guide, mentor and grow your company’s organic presence online.

    Using modern white hat SEO tactics, we help grow your organic customer acquisition. We have a deep focus on ROI and work with our clients to ensure we’re driving profitable, sustainable and consistent organic growth.

    Strategy Stage 1:

    Understanding You, Your Goals, Vision & Your Expectations.

    We have a process in place to work with our clients with a proven track record of success. This process is broken into various stages that ensure clients understand how we work with them in our journey together.  

    Every client has different needs and is in different stages of their digital marketing journey. Using this strategy helps us identify what you need to reach your goals. 

    Strategy Stage 2

    We’ll talk Customers and where we think we can find them.

    During the first conversation, our mission is to get to know you and your business. We want to know why you chose your industry. We want to know why you’re in business and what’s driving you to succeed. 

    If you’re getting in touch with us, we are assuming you have goals you need help with to achieve. No entrepreneur can do everything themselves. They need help. We want to know how we can help you, not just with digital marketing but with our business knowledge.

    Strategy Stage 3

    We take a look at competitors…

    We have had numerous clients reveal they don’t have competitors because their products are unique.

    You may not have competitors for your product or service, but you have marketing competition. Who’s ranking in Google when they search your brand, product or service? That’s the competition we need to overcome.

    What audiences are you competing against? Marketing platforms use bidding systems to put your ads in front of users. Reaching a customer interested in financial products will cost a lot more than a customer interested in pet products.

    Seeing what top competitors have done to date could save us a lot of time creating a strategy that may not work.

    Strategies evolve over time and are never set in stone. Looking at competitors can send us in the right direction from the get-go.

    Strategy Stage 4

    We discuss your resources…

    A marketing budget is a huge part of your strategy. That’s something we need to know to craft a strategy.

    Testing will be much easier if you have a large budget audience. We can run larger campaigns and learn from them quickly. However, if you’re budget is smaller, we may want to be more focused.

    We would advise you to look at what service or product gives you the best return on ad spend and focus on promoting these first.

    Other resources we’ll speak about are your staffing or external agency support. Depending on your digital assets, we may have to use external developers if we can’t handle something ourselves.

    We have to try and get your data integrations right from the start. Feeding the right information to your marketing platforms ensures you’re getting your audiences set up correctly from the start.

    We can do this with popular systems such as WordPress, but if you’re using something custom built, we may have to outsource.

    We use some excellent developers and have very cost-effective options if we’re limited by budget.

    Strategy Stage 5

    We start planning the perfect customer journey…

    A lot of my customers believe that placing an ad on Google or Facebook will automatically generate sales. This is true but for most companies, we need to work out a touch-point analysis.

    Touchpoint analysis identifies how many times a potential customer has to see your adverts before they decide to choose you over your competitors.

    This is done through remarketing, email marketing and social media community development. We can go into this in more detail later but this graphic shows you an example of a journey.

    This is an example of a simple customer journey using modern marketing platforms. Here’s the explanation:

    1. A potential customer decides to do a Google search for a product.
    2. You use a Google Ads Strategy to direct the customer to your website. They get distracted and leave. They’re not ready to buy.
    3. Using the Facebook we retarget that user on Instagram and direct them to a landing page.
    4. Our landing page has an enticing offer to get them to join our mailing list.
    5. They sign up to our mailing list such as Mailchimp.
    6. We automate a welcome email offering new subscribers a 10% discount.
    7. The potential customer becomes a converted customer.
    8. We ask the customer to review us and build our reputation.
    9. We integrate our CMS with Google Ads and find customers similar to the customer that just bought.
    10. The automation loop continues and we grow our business while we sleep.

    This is a simple version of a journey and each journey is different depending on the user, demographic, industry and resources available to you as a business owner.

    This is a vital stage in the process to identify your needs.

    Strategy Stage 6

    We discuss your resources…

    There’s so much we can do when it comes to marketing.

    Depending on your budget and resources, we may have to be smart about where we spend our time.

    We like to prioritise based on the quickest wins for the business. If you’re a product-based e-commerce company a remarketing campaign may be a priority.

    If you’re a local business your Google business listing could bring you business very quickly.

    We like to ensure any company we work with focuses on what marketing channel will give them profit. Once your business has a steady revenue flow we can look at enhancing other marketing channels and build out your customer journey.

    key performance indicators

    Strategy Stage 7

    We set your Key Performance Indicators (KPi’s)

    Now we’ve discussed everything and planned your companies customer journey and marketing plan; it’s time to set the goals.

    The main goal is obviously revenue but we want to set micro goals to achieve the macro.

    Examples of Micro goals:

    • Leads for the Sales team.
    • Email addresses for your e-commerce shop.
    • Engaged Social Media Audience
    • Developing partnerships with other audiences.

    Examples of Macro Goals:

    1. Converted Sales from leads.
    2. Product sales and revenue.
    3. Social Media Sales.
    4. Affiliate Marketing Sales.

    These are very basic examples of micro and macro goals but you get the idea.

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