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    Pay Per Click (PPC) is an online advertising model where advertisers pay a fee each time their ad is clicked. There are many benefits to using PPC, such as:

    • Results are easy to measure and track.
    • Works well with various marketing channels.
    • Gain valuable insights and data.
    • It can work well for new websites.

    We have extensive experience in managing PPC campaigns. With our PPC service, we can set up, manage and optimise your PPC campaigns.

    Our PPC Services

    Google Ads

    Gain increased visibility and more sales through our Google Ads service. Make more sales at a profitable CPA and a reduced Cost-Per-Click. Perfect for every business.

    Display Advertising

    Gain increased visibility and more sales through our Google Ads service. Make more sales at a profitable CPA and a reduced Cost-Per-Click. Perfect for every business.

    Paid Social

    Make use of existing traffic to your website. Remarketing is the process of displaying adverts online to those who have already viewed your website.


    Social media has become a new and lucrative channel for many businesses. Reach highly targeted individuals with personalised ads and get them to take action.

    How Does PPC Work For Businesses?

    PPC Advertising means you only pay when someone clicks on one of your ads. You don’t pay if there are no clicks. It is one of the best advertisement methods available today. When someone searches a keyword on Google, they get a list of results on the (SERP) Search Engine Result’s Page. You can choose to display your ad whenever someone types that exact keyword.

    PPC is based on a bidding system. Multiple businesses may be bidding on the same keyword if your competitor is willing to spend more money than you per click then they will be displayed at the top instead of you.


    Paid Campaign Analysis & Implementation

    If you have an established Google Ads account, we can analyse your data to find what performs the best and tailor your campaigns. We can work on changing bidding options, keywords, ad text and more. Our goal is to help drive as many sales as we can.

    conversion tracking

    Conversion Tracking

    It is key that you have conversion tracking set up correctly so that you’re tracking the right conversions. If not it can give you skewed figures. We can help set up conversion tracking if it’s set up incorrectly or you want to set it up for the first time.

    Our reporting will tell you which keywords are creating sales and which are not. We then focus on the keywords that are performing the best to get you a great (ROI) Return on Investment.

    social media ads

    Search Network Advertising

    We will monitor your search network ad’s progress. We will adjust bids, keywords and ads to give you the best traffic to your site. We are always focused on getting you more sales.

    PPC FAQs

    What does PPC mean?

    PPC stands for “Pay Per Click”. It is a type of online advertising. Advertisers will pay a fee for each click that an ad receives. PPC is used in Google Ads.

    What is an example of PPC?

    Online advertising allows you to show ads based on your bidding keywords. For example, if you are a solicitor, you may want to show up for “Solicitors in Cork”. If you appear at the top, a user may click on your ad. You will then be charged a fee for the user clicking on your ad.

    What is the benefit of PPC?

    It is cost-effective. You are only paying when a user reaches your website, and it can be a very good value for money. For example, if that solicitor gets an enquiry, it may result in a few thousand for them. That will all have stemmed from that user clicking on their ad. It may have only cost them one or two euros.

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