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Ardú Digital offers clients a bespoke and tailored web design service. We help businesses of all sizes build their presence online. Many businesses have outdated and slow websites and need a complete refresh. We can create a fast and responsive website for you, adhering to your brand guidelines.

If you’re located in Dún Laoghaire, Howth, Finglas, Bray, Balbriggan, Lusk, Swords, Ballymun, Rush or anywhere in County Dublin, we can help you with web design.

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    Need an Online Presence?

    Are you starting a business online? Ardú Digital provide a professional web design service in Dublin. We can help get you set up with a tailored and functional website.

    Our Pricing

    We provide web design to smaller businesses in Dublin that don’t have a massive budget. Our websites can range anywhere from €1,000 to €10,000 depending on a range of factors such as the number of pages, features, blogs, enquiry forms, CTAs and so on. We can tailor make a website to your budget.

    Our Dublin Web Design Service

    We provide web design to Dublin businesses that need a refresh or who need their very first website. We know it can take a lot of work to design websites. Knowing how to present your website or what to have on it can be challenging when you don’t come from a design background. This is where we come in.

    We offer a range of templates to choose from. We then design your new website using your chosen template and fill it with your copy, logo, colours, images and more. This helps us deliver you a website in a short space of time.

    New Website


    Are you just starting out online? You might be confused about what goes into a website. We can help you create a functional and simple website for your business.

    Refresh Your Site


    If you have a website that looks and feels old, it may be time to refresh it. We can help transform your old website into a professional and modern website.


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    Many clients have to come to us with their priority being to sell their goods online. We can help you set up an eCommerce website that will sell your products online to your target audience.

    Types of Web Design Projects

    1. One-Page Website

    One-page website designs can be highly effective for companies in certain circumstances:

    • A company selling one product
    • One-off events
    • Personal brand websites
    • Freelancer
    • Small business

    They are used with a call to action. There are numerous different CTA’s. It could be to fill out a form, sign up or register.

    2. Multi-Page Brochure Website

    A multi-page website is the most common website for businesses. They will have the typical pages you see on most websites:

    • Home
    • About
    • Services
    • Contact

    A range of service-based businesses uses them. Many of these businesses may have only come online in the last few years. They are used to convert new customers and give information to current customers.

    3. Gallery Website

    These websites are perfect for visual-based clients or those looking for a portfolio website. Typically photographers or freelance graphics designers will have a gallery website.

    4. E-Commerce Website

    These websites are for businesses selling products online. It is typically a multi-page website with a store built-in. You will have an online shop where customers can purchase and make orders for a particular product.

    Recent Web Design Projects

    Check out a few past web design projects created by Ardú Digital. It may inspire you for a future project you want us to work on.

    MM Halley & Son Solicitors

    Website: mmhalley.com

    A multi-page website aimed at promoting their range of legal services. They also have a range of blogs. MM Halleys had a website already, so we had to move all existing material to the new website.

    MM Halley

    Carrigaline Fencing

    Website: carrigalinefencing.ie

    A multi-page brochure website aimed at showcasing their range of services. They didn’t have a website before, so we were tasked with building an online presence.

    Carrigaline Fencing Website

    Web Design Dublin FAQs

    Do you provide web design to businesses in Dublin?

    Yes, we help Dublin-based businesses with a professional and responsive website.

    What does a web designer do?

    A web designer makes a website look good. They usually use design programs to create visual elements. Website designers will know UI and build the site to make it easy for users to navigate and use.

    What websites can you create?

    We can create websites for any business or industry in Dublin. Some clients come to us and need an online presence. They have only been operating offline. We learn about their business and the services they offer to create a functional and responsive website.

    We also work with Dublin businesses that require a refresh to their design. It may have been over 5-10 years since some businesses have updated their site. After this period, the site will slow down and have fewer advanced features. We help upgrade the old site into a new and modern website fit for 2022.

    If you are a commerce business that operates offline, we can help bring your business online. We can work with platforms such as Shopify and WooCommerce and set you up to take orders in no time.

    Can you create a one-page website?

    We can create one-page websites, although we don’t recommend them. It will not be great for SEO. Your website should have lots of content and be branched into pages. The more content you have, the more keywords you will rank for. Ranking high under keywords is what will drive traffic to your website.

    Should I run a blog on my website?

    We always recommend running a blog for our clients. No matter what industry you are in, there should be lots for you to discuss or comment on. A blog is a separate space from your typical services pages and allows you to rank for a new range of keywords. For example, if you are a solicitor, you should write articles about topics such as Personal Injury and try to rank high under that keyword.

    How long does it take to create a website?

    It depends on what the project brief is. Your website may take longer if it is an e-commerce website with lots of products, pages, videos, images and more. If your website only requires a few pages, copy and images, it will take less time.

    Can you set up tracking with a new website?

    Yes, of course. We set up Google Search Console, Google Analytics and Tag Manager for all new websites so you can track, record and research your customers.

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